FAQs about SOAKING WORSHIP Q:  What is it? A:     Soaking worship is simply an intentional time of meditating on God’s word and experiencing His presence through the use of recorded or live worship music that “flows” without any defined breaks in the music.  The word “soaking” is derived from the concept of soaking (bathing) in God’s presence – letting Him completely surround you like water and hold you buoyant as you worship Him. Q:  How long does one usually “soak”? A:  However long you want to!  In a corporate setting, soaking generally lasts about an hour. Q:  What do I DO as I “soak”? A:  The main purpose of soaking is to receive the gift of God’s love and joy to you through experiencing His presence in the Holy Spirit.  When you receive a gift, you don’t do anything – you just receive it!  Singing praise and thanks back to Him is a natural response, but you may also simply feel led to remain silent in His presence.  Some people journal as they soak; others sing; others may lay prostrate before God; some may wave worship banners; others may actually fall asleep (which is perfectly acceptable and rather peaceful!).  Some people may do all of the above in a single time of soaking!  The point is, there is freedom to worship in whatever way you care to, being sensitive to those around you in a corporate setting. Q:  Why is “soaking” important? A:  If you think of it in terms of relationship, any thriving and healthy relationship requires some times of extended connection.  Soaking is a beautiful way to offer God a sacrifice of praise by giving Him one of your  most valuable possessions –time. Q:  What does “soaking” look like in a corporate setting at Olivet? A:  This is a new worship format for most of us at Olivet.  We meet in the Celebration Chapel quarterly (for now!) on a Friday night from 7:00 – 8:00pm.  We enter the Chapel in silence with dimmed lighting to prepare our hearts and calm our minds from the chaotic world we live in.  Each soak is based around a theme (although it doesn’t have to be).  Scripture references around the theme are provided on a sheet and the worship song leader(s) will pray and sing through various verses as the Holy Spirit leads.  A handful of selected songs (with printed lyrics provided) will also be incorporated around the theme, but the worship song leader(s) may use spontaneous phrasing and melodies during the song as the Holy Spirit leads him or her.

For more information, speak with our 10AM song leader, Toni Groshek, or email her at toni@olivetlutheran.org.