We will be kicking off an all-church ministry initiative on Wednesdays this fall for adults and youth (6th – 12th grade) beginning September 5th. Alpha is an interactive series that runs for 12 weeks exploring the basics of the Christian faith—all are welcome!  Our confirmation and high school students will be joining the whole church for a meal and fellowship to start the evening, but then will break off for worship, videos and discussion designed specifically for youth.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to learn and grow together.  It’s also a perfect event to invite friends and other family as we learn more                                                                                       about Jesus. For more information about Alpha,                                                                              please contact Pastor Dave.

Please fill out the following registration form, which will be emailed to our church office staff.  If you haven’t received an email from us within 48 hours, please call the office at 783-1484.  If you have more than one youth, please fill out a registration form for each one.  We look forward to joining you on your spiritual journey!
PLEASE NOTE: by registering your son/daughter for HS Youth Group or Confirmation, you hereby give permission for them take field trips driven by leaders and/or adult volunteers and to be photographed or videotaped for church promotional purposes.  If you would like to opt out of the photo/video release portion for materials used outside of Olivet, please send us an email.


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