Catch the Wave

Catch the Wave Graphic


What is the Catch the Wave Youth Event?

This is the 10th Annual Catch the Wave!  We are a regional event (hosted in Wisconsin) for LCMC churches!
Over the years, we have had hundreds of people from LCMC churches all across the upper Midwest: from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa.
Olivet Lutheran Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin is hosting the event along with volunteers from other congregations.

What age is the Catch the Wave for?

Catch the Wave is for Middle School and High School students.  Juniors and Seniors in High School can be part of our leaders-in-training and graduates can join us as young adult leaders.
Some youth are just dipping their toes into Christianity.  
Some are content to sit on the shore and listen to the wave. 
Others are looking over the vast waters
wondering if they should dive in.
Some are playing knee-deep in the shallows.
Some are treading water.  Some may feel like they’re drowning.  
Some know how to swim and are testing their endurance while some are afraid of what lurks beneath the surface.  
Some are staring at the ripples of evangelism,
awaiting the swim lessons of discipleship. 
Some are being carried by waves of God’s love
and being pulled by the tides of service. 
Some want to stay safely in a boat
and some are anxious to walk on water.

Catch the Wave’s Mission

(Why do we exist?)
Provide a shoreline where youth can enter the water of God’s presence.


Catch the Wave’s Vision

(What do we do to achieve our mission?)

“Catch the Wave” seeks to welcome those unfamiliar with the gospel, encourage those seeking a relationship with God
and challenge those who are ready to go deeper. 
We strive to reflect God’s love and joy, grace and mercy, while also lifting up His sovereignty and holiness.

We will do this through:

  • Inspirational, engaging and interactive speakers.
  • Open small group discussions.
  • Live Christian music.
  • Time for fun fellowship.
  • Small group “breakers” with a variety of topics and levels of engagement.
  • Opportunities for service.
Catch the Wave T-shirts!
We are sorry to say that we have passed the deadline to get our online order delivered by March 6
without the minimum number of orders placed.  
If you would like to print iron on Catch the Wave and create your own shirts, feel free to download the graphic below.

Catch the Wave Graphic