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RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS…’s a lifestyle that reflects God’s goodness and grace to us with a “pay it forward” mentality.  

Start with a PRAYER that you can help someone in need, then look for opportunities to CARE for that special someone in need, and then take action and SHARE something with them—it could change their life forever!  We’re encouraging you to take it a step further by letting us know how God lined up your R.A.K. so that we can give Him all the glory and praise for the simple ways He calls us to love others. You can share your R.A.K. story by sending us an email at .

Here are some R.A.K. stories we’ve received:
“I’m a C.N.A. and one of my residents wanted ice cream from Dairy Queen, so I bought him a burger and shake, too!”
“Someone brushed snow off of parked vehicles in the church parking lot before they brushed off their own vehicle!”
“I sent cards with a $20 check inside to my 11 nieces and nephews telling them how blessed I am to have them in my life – just because.”
“I took 2 bags of clothes to New Horizons.  God does great things through us.”
I arrived home at about 7:30 a.m. last Friday after the Men’s Bible Breakfast and noticed a car sitting on the side of the road near our house.  We live out in the country. I pulled into the garage and a few minutes later a young man appeared at our front door.  He was out of gas and about 2 miles from Kwik Trip.  I had some gas from lawn mowing, so we walked to his car and poured in enough to get him back on the road.  He had two young children in the back seat and they had been on their way to school when he ran out of gas.  He offered payment, but I said, “No, just stop and get more fuel and get these kids to school!”

“Our neighbor has 3 children.  The mom wanted to go on a missions trip to Panama.  On Monday I picked their children up from school and took them to their home.  I had an after-school snack and a meal prepared with me. It appeared that one child needed exercise and the other two needed quiet time.   So I exercised outside with the youth that needed exercise within vision of the house until his dad got home. We then had a nice meal and I played games and read with the children giving Dad a minute to catch his breath between home and work.”

Giver turned to Receiver!  —

My friend that lives ½ mile off the road in the country at the top of a hill went on a cruise.  She asked me to check on her fish and cat on Sunday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night at around 7:30, I traveled down their road and a ¼ mile up their driveway I got stuck.  I stopped and tried to back down, but I went into the ditch.  I drove the vehicle they left at the bottom of the hill to my cousin’s house.  He and his wife JOYFULLY went back to my neighbor’s house with me, walked down the dark driveway with me, and tried to help me get unstuck.  Then they called a tow truck to come and wench my vehicle out.  We finished the process at 11:30 p.m.!   It was so nice to have people JOYFULLY help me when it was so dark and cold and I was in such a “precarious position”, as the tow-truck driver called it.  

Have 4×4 – will travel….
After that 1st snow storm, I knew cars would be stuck or plowed in.  I took my SUV, shovels and tow strap and easily found 3 people needing help.  They were all very thankful.  My explanation to each was that God has forgiven me for a lot of stuff, and I wanted to bless a few in this way.
As I was getting a haircut, an older gentleman with a “Vietnam Vet” hat entered to get a cut after me, so when I payed for my haircut, I anonymously payed for his as well.
I was running some errands in downtown La Crosse.  I was a bit hungry so I stopped at Maid-Rite on the north side for their specialty.  For those of you that have not stopped at the sandwich shop, its patrons consistently include north siders on the lower middle income bracket.  While I was enjoying my “sloppy sandwich”, the Holy Spirit drew to my attention a young 20-something couple that seemed like their breakfast was going to be a special treat for them.  I went to the cashier and payed for my sandwich and beverage and asked for the bill for the couple, as they had not been served yet.  The waitress said loudly, “You want to pay for their breakfast” while pointing at the couple.  The couple looked at me, stunned, so I went over and told them “the Lord prompted me to bless your day.”  They were extremely grateful, but the other customers looked at me as though I was from outer space.  I do feel that random act of kindness may impact the young couple more than I will ever realize.